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Hiking guided tour “Hiking around Marija Bistrica” half day program

We invite you to join us in walking through the beautiful Zagorje landscape of Marija Bistrica.
We’ll teach you how to walk with sticks. First we will see the Church in the Open, a central place in Marija Bistrica. Here we will tell you the story of the history of Marija Bistrica, traditional crafts and the customs and way of life of local people.

Then we’ll walk through the beautiful beech forest. We will enjoy walking through the vineyards and passing the meadows through picturesque villages.
We will enjoy singing birds as we sit down and rest on benches in the woods. Through villages with old traditional houses and green meadows we will reach the Hellenbach Castle, where we will tell you the story of the people who lived there.

We will slowly climb through the forest to the nearby hill, where there are numerous wooden sculptures of religious, traditional and historical motives from the life of the local population. Through the forest we will arrive at the point of departure.

The programme includes: - guiding, basics of Nordic walking, use of hiking sticks and backpack with a bottle of water
The programme does not include: - meal during a performance, ticketor ot her additional facilities

The program is running for at least two people.

The program requiresap propriate footwear – sports or hiking shoes.

The program is light and technically undemanding for up to 4 hours. /2 hours – 5 km, 3 hours – 10km, 4 hours – 14km


Reception Hotela „KAJ“ - 049 326 616
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13,27 EUR (100,00 HRK)  2 hours 5 km
15,93 EUR (120,00 HRK) 3 hours 10 km
19,91 EUR (150,00 HRK) 4 hours 14 km

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1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK
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