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About Zagorje

Hrvatsko Zagorje and its famous hills invite you to spend peaceful moments in nature.
Zagorje is a region characterised by numerous forests, thermal springs and culinary delicacies. 

The endless vineyards of Zagorje rolling on the gentle, green slopes leave few people indifferent.

One of the mos important discovery sites of the Neanderthal man in the world can be found in Zagorje. The Krapina Neanderthal man was found on Hušnjakovo brdo (Hušnjak Hill).

Zagorje abounds in historical tales and popular legends. 

Hrvatsko zagorje has many thermal springs, widely famous since the time the Romans ruled over the territory of Croatia.

The most famous springs in Zagorje are:
  • Stubičke toplice Spa Resort,
  • Tuheljske toplice Spa Resort, 
  • Varaždinske toplice Spa Resort and
  • Krapinske toplice Spa Resort.

During the course of history, masses of people fled from the Turks and found refuge in Zagorje. The nobility, the majority of whom moved to the Zagorje region, began to build castles, the most famous being Trakošćan Castle and Veliki Tabor Castle.

Hellenbach Castle is located near Marija Bistrica in Hrvatsko zagorje. It is one of the rare castles that has managed to preserve the lifestyle and interior design identical to that of the 19th century. The Neoclassical-style castle was built in 1786.

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