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Marija Bistrica

Marija Bistrica is the most famous Croatian shrine where more than 800,000 pilgrims from all over the world come every year to pray.
The largest building in the town is the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary that inspires awe with its greatness, surroundings and significance.

The sites in Marija Bistrica:
  • Basilica of the Bistrica Mother of God
  • The open-air Church of the Blessed Aloysius Stepinac
  • Bistrica Calvary
  • The Carmelite Convent
  • The Chapel of St Roch in Podgrađe
  • The Chapel of the Mother of God at Vinski vrh
  • Sculpture Park
  • Hudek Gallery 
  • Murals on the arcades in the churchyard around the Basilica
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