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Mountain guided tour “Exploring Medvednica mountain by hiking” - half day program


After the meeting and the welcome in Stubičke Toplice, we will take you to the beginning of our adventure in the nature park.

We’ll teach you how to walk with sticks. As we walk through the forest trails, we will tell you the story of the plants and animals that live in the nature park and story of the narrow railway line that existed 100 years ago on the path we’re going to walk. We will rest listening to birds and sound of a mountain stream.

We will tell you the story of Vladimir Horvat, the builder of 500 stairs, the central location of our program. By passing through a smaller cave we will begin to climb the stone steps, which are reminiscent of alpine paths, with numerous natural stone forms and endemic trees black yew.

As we go out on the mountain meadow, we’ll stop and see the 300-yearold black yew tree. By mountain trails through the mixed forest we will return to the place of departure, where we will share our impressions, thank you and say hello.

The programme includes: - guiding, basics of Nordic walking, use of hiking sticks and backpack with a bottle of water
The programme does not include: - meal during a performance, ticket or other additional facilities

The programme is running for at least two people.
The programme requires appropriate footwear – sports or hiking shoes.
The programme is light and technically undemanding for up to 4 hours.

Hotel „KAJ“ reception - 049 326 616
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