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Wellness tips

To make your stay at our hotel as safe and successful as possible, we would like to offer some advice on how to use our spa area.


We do not advise you to go into the sauna immediately after a meal or physical activity.

Alcohol and medication

It is not advised to enter a room with warm air and high humidity after consuming alcohol and some types of medication.

Health problems

If you have any health problems including infections, a fever, kidney or heart illness or varicose veins, we advise you to consult your doctor.


We recommend you take a shower and dry off with a towel before entering the sauna, as dry skin perspires more effectively.


We recommend pouring cold water gradually on your body after every sauna, starting from the peripheral parts of your body and moving towards the heart.

Fluids and rest

We advise that you have plenty of fluids between sauna intervals.
After completing a cycle of several intervals, we recommend you have a rest in the duration of 15 to 30 minutes.

If you need any advice, the wellness personnel are here to help you.

An expert will explain the ideal procedure for using the sauna to you.

House rules

You may only enter the wellness centre in the company of the personnel; if you want to have a look at the wellness before the treatment, please contact the wellness reception desk. For health reasons, we recommend that you enter the sauna wearing only a towel, and it is also important that you are completely naked only while in the sauna. When you leave the wellness oasis, please return the provided accessories (towels and slippers) at the wellness reception desk.

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